William Almonte Mahwah – Importance Of Opting For The Services Of Recruiting Agencies

The first question arises in mind is why one should opt for recruitment services? Be it a company or a candidate, why cannot they work on their own? When it comes to searching a job for a candidate or hiring a suitable candidate for the desired vacancy of the company. Both tasks can be done by themselves, so what is the importance of recruitment agency over here? The significant answers lie within the role of recruitment service that is highly relevant to both Employer Company and job seekers. Let’s figure it out in given columns.


Firstly, what does a staffing agency do? It reduces the stress of candidate searching, ads posting, screening, and short listing. This is much of a headache to the HR persons since they are assigned with other responsibilities of the Human Resource Department of any company. So the recruitment agencies finish all their work in their way and do not intervene the office premises unless they are done with the job.

Screening and Evaluating Candidates:

According to Mr. William Almonte, the entire strenuous job of recruitment begins with placing ads and thereafter screening candidates. This is no doubt a difficult job, in lesser time to do. As because, the employer company cannot invest such a long span of time on their own. Thus, they hire recruitment agencies to do whatever it takes to get the best results to them. Staffing agencies usually go through an all round of testing applicants. This is why often staffing institutions do a skill test of candidates, like typing test, some aptitude test, and mock test. Only to ensure their capabilities to meet the requirements of the company. Also to check whether they can perform at the different level and how strong they are in verbal and written communications.

Staffing Flexibility:

Many a time, companies launch new ventures or products in the market that require temporary staffing instead of permanent. Since the HR manager is in charge of the whole management and administrative works, it becomes a hard task for managing a short-term payroll system. As per Mr. William Almonte, on this purpose hiring a recruitment agency will only lessen the pressure on HR manager focusing more on other projects.

Eliminating the Burden of HR Person:

An Hr person is responsible for maintaining payroll system, salaries, developments of employees, benefits and other admin related works. Therefore, investing their time for the long task of recruitment going through several misfit applications and interviews is not possible. Thus, efficient recruitment agency ensures to get the best candidates for final round interview after completion of all necessary tests and paper works.

 There are several benefits a company can gain by hiring a recruitment agency, and the importance lies in the procedure and results. But there are a few things to be concerned for such as the time duration of their sourcing candidates, remuneration, and definitely their reputation in the market. Before signing the agreement, looks for other competitive options available who can accelerate the job fast as your need.

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