Tips on Resume Writing

There is an age old saying that before applying for a job be sure you have a presentable resume in your hand which you can offer to the employer. Having a well formatted cv makes your job easy for cracking an interview and getting a job. In this write-up, you will check out few simple tips and tricks which you should keep in mind while writing a resume.

william almote

  • First and foremost try to present a clean a tidy resume. The more fresh it looks; the employer will have more reasons to interview you with a positive frame of mind. Take help of logical formatting and leave space for margins on the either side. This will make the write up in your resume reflect in a proper alignment. Do bold and underline the important sections carefully which you want the interviewer to look into. You might also take help of bullet points or chronological numbering to make the write up look impressive. All these tricks add a professional touch to your resume.
  • As employers always seek for a reason to hire you, your resume should provide them with reason. If you have prior job experience, do highlight the section where you have benefitted your previous organization by solving problems. Your problem-solving ability will carry a lot of weight when you are sitting opposite an employer, seeking for a job. Always focus on the work you did in your previous company and not what the job actually expected.
  • Try to avoid putting up fake promises ad accomplishments on your resume. Try using lesser business and corporate jargons which probably you are not aware of. Try avoiding putting up an ornamental and flowery resume. Stick to the basic points which say the bets about you.
  • One of the most important tricks to come up with a presentable resume is avoiding grammatical and spelling mistakes. Remember you are sitting in front of the employer after you have passed your basic education degree and you are not expected to come up with these mistakes. Do check and re-check the resume before you hand it over. Proof read the entire resume numerous times. Also, try to make the resume free of typos. No silly mistake will be taken under consideration or pardoned. Always remember that there are better candidates waiting outside the interview room who will leave no stone unturned in impressing the employer in a better way than you can. Why give them the upper hand?
  • Try to write the resume in a positive tone. Don’t write about your weaknesses and drawbacks on the resume. If they are asked about, speak a line or two about them, making it sure that you can cover them up with your skills and strengths.
  • Do not try to put up all work experience on your resume. It will give the negative impression about you in the recruiter’s mind that you don’t have the mentality or patience to stick around to organization for a prolonged period.



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